03 Haziran 2009

2 Haziran - Patrick Watson

Mağrur olma pitchforkmedia'm, senden büyük dinleyici var (ahanda bu yüzden!)

2 Haziran 2009 Alçak Basınç

The Wooden Birds Hailey

Grizzly Bear
Southern Point

St. Vincent
Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood

Patrick Watson
Big Bird In A Small Cage

Manic Street Preachers
Me And Stephen Hawking
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra Radioactive People
Who Made Who
The Plot

Kap Bambino

Dead Can Dance
American Dreaming

Laura Veirs
The Cloud Room
Jarvis Cocker I Never Said I Was Deep
Never Tear Us Apart

Easy Star All Stars
With A Little Help From My Friends

Passion Pit
Make Light

The Coathangers
Bury Me


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